Aquatic Operations

Facilities: Wave Therapies operates out of community and private pools in the Puget Sound Region. Primarily we are based on the Eastside of Lake Washington.

Here we have access to a 92 degree therapeutic pool which allows for a neutral warmth experience for our clients. This allows those with neurologic, developmental, orthopedic and other conditions to work in a very supportive, relaxing environment.

This pool is accessible by wheelchair ramp (chairs are provided) deck-side lift and low riser steps. A Hoyer lift is available for those requiring lift assist transfers but clients need to provide their own sling.

In cooler, 82 degree pools, therapy happens for those whose conditions are exacerbated by the heat. Those seeking a more intense exercise component to their therapy session and those who require a gravity eliminated workout may also be served in the cooler pool where a deep tank is available. This pool is also served by a deck-side lift with Hoyer assistance if required.

Changing Rooms

Changing facilities are available with wide benches and roll in showers for clients in locker rooms or separate changing rooms for clients with opposite sex care providers. Patients are responsible for all dressing needs.

Soap is provided in the showers but you will need your own towel and any other dressing items you may find helpful.

Private pool usage is set up on an individual basis with individual clients who have or have access to a pool. If you have such a situation please contact us for further information on the best days and times for services.