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jennifer martyn physical therapist
Practice Owner & Specialist in Aquatic Physical Therapy

Jennifer studied physical therapy at the University of Washington, graduating in 1995.  She plunged into the world of aquatic physical therapy during her first job at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. From that moment on, she was sold on the world of aquatic physical therapy and the benefits it could provide to patients.

Jennifer has a well-rounded background, including a variety of clinical-based physical therapy settings. At various times, she has worked in pediatric therapy, sports medicine, and a muscular dystrophy clinic.

All of these experiences lead her to create Wave Therapies in 2001 and receive her Certificate of Aquatic Physical Therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association. She now works exclusively with adults and children in a warm water environment.  She feels unbelievably blessed to experience how water can be used to improve strength, range of motion and functional skills.

When not in the pool, Jennifer loves spending time with her family, cycling, kayaking, cooking, and gardening.